Spago Frizzante

Manufacturer Colderove
Food pairingsFish appetizers, Fish first courses, Fish main courses, White meat, Vegetables
TastingAperitivo, Throughout meal, Toast, Conversation
Notecontiene solfiti
More information
Production region Triveneto
Grape White grape blend.
ABV 11 % in volume
Service 8 ° C. in a goblet or flute.
Size 75 cl
Fermentation method Martinotti-Charmant
Winemaking Sparkling wine, using the Martinotti-Charmat method.
Aroma Appearance: delicate straw colour. Aroma: notes typical of a golden apple. Flavour: pleasantly reminiscent of the vine.
Tasting An excellent aperitif. A nice accompaniment to white meats and fish, vegetables, mushrooms, and cold meats. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. Best consumed within 12-18 months after bottling.
Price for liter 10,00 €   7,07 € / liter
Reference PF T070

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